All on 4 Interview Series With Lois White

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Q&A All-On-4 Interview Series: Lois White

Today we’d like to share Lois White’s All-On-4 dental implant story. Lois was a patient of Fairfax Oral Surgery receiving the ‘All-On-4’ dental implant procedure. Here’s more from Lois herself:

  • Q: What were your chief complaints when you came to our office to discuss the All on 4 process? Did you have failing bridges or teeth? Difficulty chewing and eating regular foods?  Self- conscience about your smile and/or talking?
  • A: My chief grief was that my failing teeth would continue to cause me worry about the support of my present overworked and burdened bridge and I had to do something soon! I was increasingly aware of the problem especially while eating and talking. I had to be on alert and prepared in case of emergency dental fix. I knew which foods to avoid. Open mouthed long laughing and singing had to be adjusted, just in case of unexpected embarrassment.
  • Q: How did you become aware this procedure was an option? Did your dentist talk to you about it? Did you see it advertised on television or the newspaper?
  • A: My dentist, Dr. Nastea, has spoken several times to me about the benefits of implants and she explained how the procedure worked.
  • Q: Did you have any concerns or hesitations about the All on 4 procedure? Did you think it was going to be a difficult surgical procedure?
  • A: I was a bit hesitant but Dr. Nestea’s assurance and explanations were sufficient enough for me. The initial consultation with Dr. Ramsey was also enough for a “ go ahead”. I found it all so amazing! I went in with a poor/weak upper bridge that morning and a few hours later I emerged with the most beautiful fixed upper denture. I experienced minimal pain with the entire process.  I just went home and smiled at myself in the mirror.
  • Q: Was our staff and doctor helpful in guiding you through the steps necessary for the All on 4 surgery to take place? Were you advised of each of the appointments necessary and when you should see your dentist? What the surgery involved? Your aftercare was explained? 
  • A: Yes indeed!  Great support and encouragement was always present. The atmosphere in the workplace was so positive and pleasant. The doctor and staff are outstanding. I have experienced no fear, dread, or reservations about returning for any appointments.
  • Q: How has the All-On-4 procedure impacted your life? How do you feel about your new smile?
  • A: I love my new smile! I received so many compliments. I can eat, smile, talk and sing with ease and assurance without the worry of dental failure. I have more confidence in myself and now I can move more boldly in situations and circumstances that I used to avoid. I’m happy and pleased with my new mouth. It’s fun being the “magnet” chick again! I am very happy with the All on 4 procedure!!
  • Q: Is the All-On-4 procedure something you would recommend to other patients in a similar situation?
  • A: I have no hesitation about recommending this procedure, the doctor, and staff. Thank you all so much!!!

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